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There is little like a fast approaching occasion to focus the mind on the need to buy a gift whilst introducing an element of panic when you are short of ideas.


In this blog we’ll share some tried and tested ideas to make your lives a lot easier so you can relax and enjoy it.


There are plenty of clues if you know where to look. Keep in mind the message you want the gift to send.

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  • Find inspiration. Social media profiles are a great place to start – Facebook likes. Pinterest boards. What are they following on Twitter? One person at a time, think about each piece of information in turn and I guarantee you will begin to generate ideas. Favourite brands, stores or just interests in general can all be revealed. Be careful not to discount an idea too soon. Write them down and you can easily return to the list and give it another shot. Your subconscious mind will work away on the problem in the meantime.


  • Duplication. An inspired gift might be more suitable for someone other than the person you had in mind. Better, the same gift could be equally good for two people.


  • Be decisive.  Once you are happy with a gift you have chosen, order it.  If you have serious second thoughts you can always return it.  The alternative is holding out for too long and feeling as though you’ve made no progress.


  • Give yourself time. Not just time to get items delivered but time to think. Repeatedly trying to generate ideas when you have a couple of spare minutes is an inefficient way to shop. Set aside half an hour and give it your full attention.


If detective work is not your forte or you are faced with someone not having a social media profile (certainly likely with children) there are a couple of other options open to you.


  • Wishlists (e.g. Amazon), including Christmas lists for children. Whilst they can be frowned upon for adults, there is a practical benefit of avoiding duplication or a bad selection. If you are uncomfortable buying from a list or you prefer to buy a surprise, use the list for inspiration in the same way as you would a social profile.


  • Safe bets. Buying for a golfer? Take them for a round of golf. Food lover? Take them for a meal or buy vouchers for your favourite restaurant. Wine fanatic? Buy some unusual wines that they may like to try or take them wine tasting. Children? Take them to a toy store or buy tickets to a theme park. Busy parent? Spa vouchers or offer to babysit and give vouchers for a restaurant. It doesn’t need to be wrapped to count as a present!


  • The last resort is browsing retailer websites. Whilst looking for inspiration in your local department store can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack, GiftFinda lists over 200 retailers around the world, categorised by country and the types of products they stock.  If all else fails, take a quick look and explore any sites that catch your eye.


slider 3The aim of GiftFinda is to simplify the whole process in order to save you time.  From sending reminders before an event to providing personal profiles that include links to favourite stores and social media pages, you have all the information you need in one place.


It takes less than 5 minutes to create a GiftFinda profile and to invite your friends to create their own. 


Do it before Christmas and your 5 minutes will be repaid many times over.  Click here to begin.