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Bad gift

Think back to the last time you received a surprise gift that you were truly delighted about. It’s a personal thing but for me that combination of surprise and appreciation is a great feeling.


In a time when people generally buy things when they need them, selecting gifts can be difficult.


Only recently I read about the increasing trend of re-gifting, which is passing on something you have received to somebody else.  Apparently, a tip is to make sure that you don’t give it back to the same person!


The problem of what to send is made that much harder when you are buying for people who live overseas.  In my experience there are a few options:


  • Search Amazon for inspiration and settle on the best thing you can find.


  • Buy something from a local store then work out how to send it.  Do you insure it?  Will it get through customs?  How much will it cost to send?  Will it arrive with a bill for import duty?  Will it get there at all?


  • Do nothing and double-up at Christmas or whenever you next get together.  This still leaves the challenge of what to buy when the get-together comes around.


FullSizeRender Whatever you decide, the dilemma of what to buy remains.  You want to delight yet it’s so easy to underwhelm. What message does this send?  It’s open to debate but let’s settle on it being not one that must people are comfortable with.


So, how do you recreate that great feeling for someone else?  It might not be possible to travel around theworld to see somebody but you’d like to show that you care through a well-considered gift.


GiftFinda simplifies the whole process by allowing users to share personal profiles that contain detail of their likes, wish-lists, favourite stores and so on.  Included in each profile is a list of a user’s key annual events (e.g. birthday, anniversary).  Automated reminders ensure any gifts can be selected and sent to arrive in time.


Social media profiles and pages can serve as great sources of inspiration. GiftFinda pulls these into one place and overcomes the challenge of international delivery by connecting users with specialist and trusted retailers around the world that can deliver your gift locally.



How it works screen

Whilst the exact message sent by an underwhelming gift may vary by your relationship to the recipient, we at GiftFinda hope to consign these events to the past.


It takes less than 5 minutes to create a profile and to begin inviting friends. This small investment of your time will be repaid many times over and there’s even the chance that you’ll once again look forward to the prospect of reconnecting with friends and loved ones via a well considered gift.


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